Thursday, January 10, 2013

Day 1/2

The jam snuck up on us: on Monday I was still really keen to make good progress on Broforce.  The wording for the competition is quite vague and initially we'd hoped we might be able to enter the new version of Broforce. Understandably though that is somewhat against the spirit of a gamejam and we were denied.  We had some discussion on Tuesday, a jam with prizes such as this one is really hard to resist for us and we decided to go ahead. The catch being that if we participate, we HAVE to win at least one of the prizes (preferably the main prize) to make up for the development time lost on broforce. A big risk, but we are confident. Time will tell...

We had some discussions on gameplay and theme: We want to do a fast-paced top down twin stick shooter, with a strong emphasis on coop gameplay and narrative. Gameplay references are, well, any twin stick shooter, cannon fodder and broforce. Thematic references include Cadillacs and Dinosaurs and The Amazing Wagon Adventure.  The organisers of the competition encourages people to start working immediately, and considering the stakes we went right ahead. While our artist is pumping out concepts, we got some base systems in place: basic twin stick movement, some pathfinding for enemies and projectiles. We have a lot of code that we share between projects that had to be converted from 2d to 3d as well.

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