Monday, January 21, 2013

Strange Happenings

More progress! Little over 48 hours left to go in the jam, and things are starting to come together. We have enough sections for there to be a feeling of progression, and although we've encountered a few technical limitations we've managed to find workarounds for most of them so that our game plays nice and smooth on the Ouya. We've also come up with a tentative title for our game: Strange happenings on Murder Isle. It might still change last moment but for now I think it suits the game perfectly.  Due to the intense development we've not had as much time to test gameplay as I would have liked but it I do think the game is quite fun and should lend itself really well to some coop chaos.

Here is a photo of the team, hard at work:

And here is a screenshot of our intrepid hero coming tantalisingly close to unraveling the mystery of Murder Isle:

Why is this high tech facility built inside an active volcano on a seemingly deserted island? What the hell is wrong with the warthogs? Why are the mysterious gunmen so intent on murdering innocent castaways? Why is nothing as it seems and most bafflingly, where the hell did the T-Rex come from? Strange happenings indeed...

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