Sunday, January 13, 2013


So we've been working semi-hard over the weekend, progress has been good but not amazing.  The visual side is coming together slowly - we have a model or two, lots of terrain art, buildings, vegetation and other odds and ends. We want a high amount of content and polish for this game so we're doing a low-poly 3d look similar to what we did for Death Smashers.

Programming wise, I've implemented some basic enemy AI that I hope will be interesting to play against - enemies take cover and try to move to safety as much as they can, but occasionally charge the player. The idea is to have something that appears to be more intelligent than it actually is - and it looks like I've succeeded in that. We've also worked on effects and overall juiciness; marks on the floor (along with a weird terrain wobble effect, pretty cool), rippling water and Death Smashers explosions. Tomorrow we should have animated player characters, when that has been integrated along with the destructible buildings we should have our first chance to have a good feel for what the game plays like.

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